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Practical Powershell Office 365 Exchange Online...
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PowerShell is an integral part of Exchange Server 2016. This book was written with real world scenarios in mind. Authored by a pair of MVPs, this book will provide you with practical advice on how to use PowerShell on your Exchange Servers. Exchange Server 2016 is just the latest iteration of Microsoft's flagship messaging product. While some organizations are moving to Office 365, a considerable amount of corporations are staying on premises for their own reasons. As such, there is still a need to help those who support Exchange to learn how to advance their PowerShell scripting skills. This book is aimed at those who know some PowerShell or are looking for ways to make their scripts better as well as help you become more confident in managing Exchange Server with PowerShell. The second edition now includes chapters on security, unified messaging, public folders, best practices and more.

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