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Beginning WSO2 ESB
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Gain a strong foundation of core WSO2 ESB concepts and acquire a proven set of guidelines designed to get you started with WSO2 ESB quickly and efficiently. This book focuses on the various enterprises integration capabilities of WSO2 ESB along with a broad range of examples that you can try out.From beginning to the end, Beginning WSO2 ESB effectively guides you in gradually building expertise in enterprise integration with WSO2 ESB for your SOA infrastructure.Nowadays successful enterprises rely heavily on how well the underlying software applications and services work together to produce a unified business functionality. This enterprise integration is facilitated by an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). This book provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of the WSO2 ESB and its capabilities, through real-world enterprise integration use cases.What You'll LearnGet started with WSO2 ESBDiscover message processing techniques with WSO2 ESBIntegrate REST and SOAP servicesUse enterprise messaging techniques: JMS, AMQP, MQTT Manage file-based integration and integrate with proprietary systems such as SAPExtend and administrate WSO2 ESB Who This Book Is For:All levels of IT professionals from developers to integration architects who are interested in using WSO2 ESB for their SOA infrastructure.

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